Our bakery is on location at the tea rooms in Marlborough, it's a place filled with busy people, not machines.


Long before the sunsrise our brilliant bakers are dutifully preparing 'our daily bread'; traditional loaves, scones and delicious treats - just for you!


The rest of the bakery springs to life shortly after, our pastry makers and confectioners produce a dazzling selection of yummy treats. One that was much enjoyed by royalty, Kate Middleton.


"She was very much a girl's girl and would go with friends to the Polly Tea Rooms for tea and blueberry muffins."

- Kate, A Biography - Marcia Moody


Come try a blueberry muffin for yourself! Eat in or pick one up to enjoy at home.

Weddings, Birthdays, Thank You's, New Baby, Get well soon, New Home, Afternoon Tea Party, Anniversary Dinner Party, Special Occasions and  celebration cakes can all be ordered and personalised either directly from our shop or by phone at: 01672 512146



Open every day this Easter!


Mon - Sat 8.30am - 8.00pm

Sun 9am - 8.00pm